I love coffee. Sometimes people try to switch my coffee to decaf when I’m not looking. I can always tell the difference. I also like Pringles, but only the reduced fat kind because they crunch better when you bite into them and they don’t leave grease on your fingers. I’m…

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As part of our quest to support women’s issues, Katana Photography is excited to announce our first ever Celebrating Survival contest!
Having any kind of cancer is frightening and confusing. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Katana Photography is welcoming all survivors from all forms of cancer to participate…

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When I was looking to buy my wedding invitations (back in April), I found a lot of designers on Etsy. After narrowing it down to a couple different designs/companies, I contacted both for their pricing list. One was pretty significantly more expensive–almost $2 per invitation more. Which I think all…

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When talking to people about photography, I hear one phrase over and over again: Kids and dogs are the hardest subjects to photograph.
I, personally, don’t have this problem with my clients…kids and dogs are among my favorite things to photograph. Maybe it’s because I like to have any excuse…

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Last week, Sean and I had our morning coffee on the balcony and watched as the Enterprise shuttle was pulled down the Hudson on a tug boat. It’s on its way to the Intrepid and I can’t wait to see it up close at the museum!

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30 Things About Colleen

1. Once as a kid, she captured two fireflies and killed them so to spread their “lighted” butts over her fingernails so that they would glow. Immediately she began crying and ran to her mother where she cried for the remainder of the night.
2. She still can’t look at a firefly without feeling guilty.
3. Her left foot is a size 6.5 and her right foot is a size 6. She usually either has to cram her left foot into a shoe, or buy inserts for her right.
4. She has the same birthday as Lindsay Lohan.
5. She hates the fact that she knows that #4 is a fact.
6. If she could own any other pet in the world (other than her doggies) she would want two sugargliders because THEYARETHECUTESTTHINGSEVER!
7. She is completely clumsy and falls down on average, twice a day.
8. She is extremely dyslexic
9. She loves to sing.
10. She loves to sing songs from the 80s.
11. She loves buying cooking equipment, including new food and spices, even though she is a TERRIBLE cook
12. Autumn is her favorite season
13. One of her favorite things in the whole wide world is taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book.
14. She knows how cliche the above is, and she is not at all ashamed
15. She loves trashy romance novels. THERE, SHE SAID IT!
16. She hates being cold, but somehow always is, regardless of what season it is.
17. She is fascinated by serial killers, but whenever she reads their biographies and stories becomes so terrified that she can’t sleep.
18. She despises laundry. And dishes. But loves to sweep and mop.
19. She thinks Patrick Dempsey just may be the hottest man ever
20. She loves the smell of melted butter
21. Her favorite place to be is in bed, under her covers with Luna sleeping beside her.
22. She loves shopping at antique stores
23. She loves snow, but as mentioned before, hates the cold.
24. Stingrays used to be her favorite sea creature. Until one killed Steve Irwin. Now she’s afraid of them
25. She fell in love with stingrays at Orlando’s Discovery Cove where she fed them with her friend who worked there. They suck raw fish out of your hand and are suprisingly affectionate and love to be pet.
26. She likes to take macro pictures of things
27. Her favorite outfit as a girl was a white lace dress with a pink ribbon that tied around the waist. Her mom made it.
28. She just doesn’t get all the fuss over Star Wars, Star Trek, and Xmen.
29. She loves coffee. She takes it with her oxygen.
30. She is secretly in love with Gene Kelly.

6 Responses to “30 Things About Colleen”

  1. Merry Monteleone Says:

    Okay, #5 made me laugh out loud… mostly because when I read #4, I thought, why do you know that?

    Next time you want to go shoe shopping, go to Nordstrum’s - they sell shoes in two different sizes because the owner’s son had two different sized feet… hubby had a badly broken foot that is now a full size bigger than his other - the shoes there are on the expensive side, but much better than having to buy two pairs of cheap shoes that suck anyway.

    Oh, serial killers, check out the book Devil in the White City - it’s about a serial killer running amok in Chicago during the 1893 World’s Fair - no chance he’ll get you, and it’s a good read.

    I don’t get start trek either, but come on, X-Men and the first three star wars were awesome.

  2. WordVixen Says:

    My brother had sugargliders for a few months… Yeah, they’re cute in pictures, but their eyes in real life are creeepy! Plus, they’re pure evil and think nothing of biting and scratching unless they’ve been hand raised with lots of attention.

    Plus, they’re real buggers to catch when they escape since they’re so tiny and fast.

  3. Colleen_Katana Says:

    Merry -
    Yeah…the Lindsay Lohan thing, I think I saw on last year that she was “out celebrating her bday” on MY birthday. It was quite upsetting.

    Nordstrum’s huh? I will have to check it out. Is that the place that requires you to pay with one of their credit cards or is that Neiman Marcus?

    I have read Devil in the White City and I loved it! I also read (parts of) Helter Skelter which terrified me to no end and Jack the Ripper freaks me out as well.

    Ok, ok….I’ll admit it. I’ve never SEEN Star Wars or any of the Xmen movies. So I’ll try to give them a fair chance when I have an entire weekend with nothing to do. While I’m at it, I should probably see Indiana Jones, The Never-Ending Story, Flight of the Navigator, ET, Top Gun, The Goonies….all those classics I never got around to.

    WORDVIXEN - Really, are their eyes that scary? I have heard that they require a lot of love and that’s why you’re supposed to buy two…so that they keep each other company. I would never actually get any because our dogs would go NUTS over the fact that other creatures were sharing their space and attention.

  4. Ello Says:

    Hee hee! But Gene Kelly? Why?!!

  5. Jerseygirl89 Says:

    Since I’m the oldest, I’m pretty sure this means that you and Lindsay Lohan have MY birthday. Ahem.

    And I totally get the Gene Kelly thing.

  6. Colleen_Katana Says:

    BECAUSEGENEKELLYISSOOOFREAKINGGORGEOUSITKILLSME!!!!!!!!! Did you get all of that? Um, when I first saw Singin’ in the Rain, I drooled more than ever before! (I worded that in the PG version…I have a more dirty and accurate depiction of the first time I saw him, but I will spare you!)

    Jersey -
    We share a birthday??? Is that what you’re telling?? INSANITY!

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