I love coffee. Sometimes people try to switch my coffee to decaf when I’m not looking. I can always tell the difference. I also like Pringles, but only the reduced fat kind because they crunch better when you bite into them and they don’t leave grease on your fingers. I’m…

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As part of our quest to support women’s issues, Katana Photography is excited to announce our first ever Celebrating Survival contest!
Having any kind of cancer is frightening and confusing. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Katana Photography is welcoming all survivors from all forms of cancer to participate…

Weekly Photo

When I was looking to buy my wedding invitations (back in April), I found a lot of designers on Etsy. After narrowing it down to a couple different designs/companies, I contacted both for their pricing list. One was pretty significantly more expensive–almost $2 per invitation more. Which I think all…

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When talking to people about photography, I hear one phrase over and over again: Kids and dogs are the hardest subjects to photograph.
I, personally, don’t have this problem with my clients…kids and dogs are among my favorite things to photograph. Maybe it’s because I like to have any excuse…

Weekly Puppies

Last week, Sean and I had our morning coffee on the balcony and watched as the Enterprise shuttle was pulled down the Hudson on a tug boat. It’s on its way to the Intrepid and I can’t wait to see it up close at the museum!

Weekly Coffee

Nature Dog

Nature Dog

On Sunday we took the dogs out to West Hills, Long Island…the birthplace of Walt Whitman.  There’s apparently a hiking trail somewhere within the park, but we can never find it, so we end up taking a “nature walk” along the only trail we can find.

And just in case we ran into another dog, we made Luna wear her muzzle at all times. She just can’t be trusted around other dogs. Or horses. Or squirrels. Or spiders. She’ll try to attack just about anything moving…including leaves.

And on our nature walk, we came to a clearing and there was this enormous space where the trees were spread apart. We walked far off the trail so that you couldn’t see it anymore and let Red off the leash to play. And Luna? Well, we took her muzzle off so that she could grab sticks and run away with them, dragging me, clutching her leash, behind her. I wouldn’t dare unclip that leash of hers. If I were to ever let her off leash in a situation like this, there is no doubt in my mind I’d never see her again.

So, here she is in this photo chewing a stick to shreds. And I’ll tell you what—we don’t get to go on these hikes very often (maybe once a month), but those afternoons after we get home are the most peaceful nights in our house. I’ve never seen my dog so tired. And it’s glorious.

Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs

This is one of Luna’s first experiences with snow. And let me tell you…it is by far one of her favorite things. Plus, running in the deep snow slows her whippet legs down a little and tires her out way more than a normal jog.

Pictured here is Luna and Red just as we were about to go snow shoeing with them. About 15 minutes later, Sean fell through the ice into the lake. No, I am not kidding. It was near the bank, so Sean managed to pull himself out of the icy water and onto land. Only, Red, being the loyal best friend he is, tried to run over to see if Sean was ok. The ice started to crack beneath his feet too. I grabbed his leash quickly and pulled him and my oblivious Luna to the middle of the lake where the ice was more solid.

Seriously, Luna…she had no idea what just happened. She just kept running and prancing around, biting Red’s neck.

Sad Puppy

Sad Puppy

Luna is pouting in this photo.

I just yelled at her for bouncing around too loudly. Before you, dear Internet, send me hate mail about how horrible a dog mom I am for not allowing Luna to play, let me explain.  She thoroughly enjoys chewing on her brother, Red’s neck. And while I totally don’t mind them playing, there are times throughout the day (specifically early in the morning, before I’ve had my coffee) that it just isn’t as acceptable. Their jumping and growling prancing and dancing about can become really noisy and at 7:30AM, it’s a lot to handle. And if it’s a lot to handle for me, her owner who loves her dearly…then I KNOW it’s a lot to handle for the poor girl living below me.

So…I yelled at Luna (and not Red) because she is always the one who initiates it. And her ears went back, looking up at me with watery puppy eyes. She slowly climbed onto the couch and sighed a big puppy sigh and ignored me for the rest of the morning.

And what a blissful morning that was.



This is one of those rare moments in my life where Luna is calm.

This dog is on what I like to call “doggie prozac” thanks to Sean’s good friend Megan who is a vet. She understands that “Luna” is short for “Lunatic” and without some form of medicated help, I would be forced to stick my head in the oven on a daily basis.

The drugs don’t change her completely, but her highs aren’t as high and her lows are just as mellow before; they just happen to be more frequent. The drugs take the edge off. And in the process, I don’t end up tearing handfuls of hair out of my scalp.

Favorite Monkey

Favorite Monkey

Luna is not the smartest dog in the world. Anyone who’s read anything on this site probably knows that. She is stubborn and hard to train and the veterinarian has told me on more than one occasion that she more than likely suffered some sort of brain damage during Katrina.

Of all the things I’ve tried to teach Luna…of all the words I have tried to engrave into her brain (sit, stay, no!) very few have stuck. But the one word she will always respond to? Monkey. She understands that “Monkey” means her toy. And if you say to her, “Luna! Where’s your monkey?” She’ll run around the apartment until she finds the exact toy she’s looking for. This little guy she’s laying with here is her current favorite monkey. He’s already had surgery twice after a particularly messy tug of war session.

Now if we could only make her understand the words: STOP LICKING YOUR ASS.

Heat Seekers

Heat Seekers

Luna and Red seek heat even on the hottest days in the summer. When we first moved into this apartment, we had no heat. In December. In New York. To save ourselves from a frigid winter, we bought a stand up space heater. The dogs flocked to it and constantly slept directly in front of it.

And Sean sent me this image while I was at work one cold winter morning last year. It made me literally say “Awww…” out loud.