I love coffee. Sometimes people try to switch my coffee to decaf when I’m not looking. I can always tell the difference. I also like Pringles, but only the reduced fat kind because they crunch better when you bite into them and they don’t leave grease on your fingers. I’m…

About Me

As part of our quest to support women’s issues, Katana Photography is excited to announce our first ever Celebrating Survival contest!
Having any kind of cancer is frightening and confusing. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Katana Photography is welcoming all survivors from all forms of cancer to participate…

Weekly Photo

When I was looking to buy my wedding invitations (back in April), I found a lot of designers on Etsy. After narrowing it down to a couple different designs/companies, I contacted both for their pricing list. One was pretty significantly more expensive–almost $2 per invitation more. Which I think all…

Weekly Style

When talking to people about photography, I hear one phrase over and over again: Kids and dogs are the hardest subjects to photograph.
I, personally, don’t have this problem with my clients…kids and dogs are among my favorite things to photograph. Maybe it’s because I like to have any excuse…

Weekly Puppies

Last week, Sean and I had our morning coffee on the balcony and watched as the Enterprise shuttle was pulled down the Hudson on a tug boat. It’s on its way to the Intrepid and I can’t wait to see it up close at the museum!

Weekly Coffee

Coffee Crisis

I was bleary-eyed. The rain pounded on my windows echoing the headache pounding inside my skull. Bebop pranced around my neck, licking my face. I hadn’t heard the alarm go off yet, so I knew it wasn’t even 7am. Bebop can usually make it until AT LEAST 7:30. I grabbed her little body and tried to force her to lay back down next to me. She simply wasn’t having it…with the same persistence I’ve seen as my niece tries to open a candy bar wrapper, she continued panting in my face. It was obvious…her highness would wait no longer.

I wrapped my robe taut around my body–an ugly, faded pink fuzzy thing. I really need a new robe. I put on my galoshes. My coat. My scarf. I reached down to the place where I usually keep my umbrella only to remember that I lost it weeks ago. Instead a grab a hat.

Bebop and I go for a weary walk around the block…well, for me it was a weary walk. For her, it was playtime. She bounced around, taking her time to pee on everything. My hat blew off my head. I managed to grab it and put it back on before anyone saw the disaster that was my hair.

By 6:50am I was back inside my apartment dripping wet. For the first time in her life, Bebop didn’t seem to mind the rain. Every dog owner’s….dream? Nightmare? It was still too early to formulate coherent thoughts.

Coffee. The second the thought entered my head, I could feel the adrenaline rush hitting me. Just the thought of caffeine was enough to energize me…if only for a second. With hope, I rushed to the cabinet and grabbed the bag of French Roast.

Empty. Empty. Noooo, this wasn’t possible. When did I finish my coffee? Oh, that’s right. Last night during my midnight marathon of editing. There had to be more coffee somewhere in my house. I always kept reserves of it…

Fridge - no. Cupboard - no. Cabinets - no. Linen closet - no. I was, for the first time in my life, without any coffee whatsoever. For the past few weeks, I’ve been eating random things in my house - peanut butter and jelly on tortilla wraps (because I was out of bread). Then I ran out of jelly. Then peanut butter. I’ve had no vegetables in the house. No protein. I even ran out of sugar and cream. I’ve been living on take-out and brown rice every day for the past few weeks. But none of that mattered because I had my COFFEE.

But now, even that was gone. And I officially NEEDED to go food shopping.

Which was fine, because I could grab a coffee on the way…